Terry Richardson – part I

Terry Richardson is a famous American fashion photographer that animates the scene in New York.                                                                                                                                      Son of photographer Bob Richardson, often uses the instant camera to portray his subjects on the white background, with a provocative and outrageous. He has made major fashion campaigns that were talked about all those involved in the fashion industry, reaching up to be censored in some cases. Go to the story are the campaigns for Gucci, Levis, Miu Miu and Sisley. His work is finished on important magazines such as Vogue, GQ, Harper’s Bazaar, The Face, Playboy and Rolling Stone.

Wixson-Richardson-harper's bazaar 01 Wixson-Richardson-harper's bazaar                                (Harper’s Bazaar)

Wixson-Richardson-harper's bazaar 8 Wixson-Richardson-harper's bazaar 6 Wixson-Richardson-harper's bazaar 5 Wixson-Richardson-harper's bazaar 4 Wixson-Richardson-harper's bazaar 3 Wixson-Richardson-harper's bazaar 2 Wixson-Richardson-harper's baazar 11 Wixson-Richardson-harper's baazar 10 Wixson-Richardson-harper's baazar 9 Wixson-Richardson-harper's baazar 7

Terry Richardson è un famoso fotografo di moda statunitense che anima il panorama newyorkese.                                                                                                                               Figlio del fotografo Bob Richardson, usa spesso la macchina fotografica istantanea per ritrarre i suoi soggetti sullo sfondo bianco, con uno stile provocatorio e trasgressivo. Ha realizzato importanti campagne di moda che hanno fatto parlare tutti gli addetti del fashion system, arrivando fino ad essere censurate in alcuni casi. Passate alla storia sono le campagne per Gucci, Levis, Miu Miu e Sisley. I suoi lavori sono finiti su importanti riviste come Vouge, GQ, Harper’s Bazaar, The Face, Playboy e Rolling Stone.

purple terry richardson 7                            (Purple Magazine)

purple terry richardson 6 purple terry richardson 5 purple terry richardson 4 purple terry richardson 3 purple terry richardson 2 purple terry richardson 1 purple terry richardson 0


tumblr_mp09peGjNv1qa42jro1_500 tumblr_mp09peGjNv1qa42jro2_500 tumblr_mp09peGjNv1qa42jro3_500 tumblr_mp09peGjNv1qa42jro4_500 tumblr_mp09peGjNv1qa42jro5_500 tumblr_mp09peGjNv1qa42jro6_500 tumblr_mp09peGjNv1qa42jro7_500 tumblr_mp09peGjNv1qa42jro8_500 tumblr_mp09peGjNv1qa42jro9_500                                   (Candy Magazine)


terry-val-embed_2561531a        Valentino Campaign

(Images from web and http://terrysdiary.com)


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